Bridgeport Edition: Meagher's Irish Pub

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Meaghers Irish PubIt's not every day you see an Irish restaurant in the middle of West Virginia, but Bridgeport made that possible.

Meaghers Irish PubMeagher's Irish Pub is as much of a social gathering place as it is a restaurant or bar. Located at Charles Pointe, the building is new with tons of parking. Inside, there are some Irish pennants and other memorabilia hanging on the walls.

Meaghers Irish Pub

About Meagher's Irish Pub: Featuring traditional Irish fare, New Celtic cuisine and plenty of Irish ale and whiskey – Meaghers Irish Pub at Charles Pointe.

The pub – short for “public house” – a fundamental establishment in Irish culture and the focal point of many small towns – is owned by Tim and Jade Meagher.

“We felt there was a need for more dining options – a place where people can go out and enjoy great conversation, food and a drink with friends – and what better place than a Irish Pub” – Tim Meagher

“My fathers family (the Meaghers) immigrated to America in the mid-1800s from a town called Nenagh in County Tipperarey”. “My mothers side (the Gilroys) immigrated during the same period from the Northern part of Ireland.”

According to his ancestral culture, Irish pubs have traditionally been the gathering places for family and friends.

“And that’s what we are trying to create here in Bridgeport – ‘Your Social Gathering Place’,” “We definitely want people to feel comfortable bringing the whole family, kids included.”

An original idea and design by Tim and Jade Meagher, occupies 5,123 square feet located at Charles Pointe.
Meaghers Irish PubThe menu features some takes on Irish food - like corned beef and cabbage egg rolls, Irish nachos, fish & chips, shepherd's pie, boxty, bangers & mash, and a "celtic knot" which is three large pretzel braids served with dressing, honey mustard, chipotle ketchup and beer cheese.

I totally appreciate them putting modern spins on some classic Irish dishes. I think it's pretty cool. For example, their "boxty": Our take on a classic Irish potato pancake. A thin crepe like pancake layered with with onions, peppers and cabbage wrapped and topped with a creamy cheese sauce. Choice of Salmon, Chicken, Steak or Vegetarian.

Meaghers Irish PubOne thing that is a little different is their pepperoni roll: Thank you Mr. Argiro! Ground pepperoni rolled in an airy dough shaped like a donut and deep fried and served with creamy ranch dressing - 2 per order. We ordered this appetizer because I had to try it.

Meaghers Irish PubSi, it is essentially a fried donut that has little bits of pepperoni and cheese wrapped up inside. It comes with a side of ranch (idk why it's not marinara... but alas). These are greasy as all get out, but I can't deny that they're decent. I do wish the outside was maybe rolled in parmesan or something - that would've made it 1,000 times better. But, not bad.

Meaghers Irish PubWell I ordered Fish & Chips for my entree. "Flash fried, ale-battered cod served with sea salt and pepper chips with your choice of citrus herb tarter or malt vinegar aioli."

This fish wasn't bad. A little on the greasy end, especially for the ratio of fish to batter. And, the fries were a bit soggy. I feel like this is always a thing with fish & chips. I just want my chips to be crisper.

Still, I think there are some things here you can't get everywhere - even if they have a unique spin on them. Pretty cool.

Grade: B
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