Wheeling Edition: Casa di Vino

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Casa do VinoWith a name that translates to "House of Wine," how could a place NOT be amazing?

Casa do VinoCasa di Vino, a wine store in Wheeling, has walls full of wine including local options. I just thought this little place was lovely, so I wanted to document it :)

Located in Centre Market, Wheeling, Casa di Vino is one of the premier wine shops in the area. Home of over 300 different wines, we are sure to have something to fit everybody’s taste. In addition to our great selection, we offer many products for winemaking, homebrewing, wine accessories and much more. Casa di Vino giftcards and wine baskets always make the perfect gift around the holidays, birthdays, etc. Join us on the first Friday of every month for our First Friday Wine Tasting.
Unfortunately, I was not here for a Friday wine tasting, but I did find a local wine that I hadn't hear of before! Mountain Moonlight was new to me.

Casa do VinoHave you been? what was your favorite purchase?

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