Morgantown Edition: Which Wich

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Which wich
The Mountainlair is home to a new sandwich shop. Which Wich, based out of Dallas, Texas, has opened its first location in West Virginia in WVU's Mountainlair.

Which wichThe sandwich shop appeals to the introvert in all of us - little human interaction. You see, you pick up a sandwich sleeve from the counter - either a "FAVES" or "BYO" - and mark your selection right there on the bag. There are also cards if you choose to add a cookie or shake. Then, you pay and watch your sandwich make its way down the assembly line until they call your name and that sleeve is now filled with your sandwich.

Which wichFavorite sandwich options include the Cali Club, Philly Cheesesteak, Italian Club, Buffalo Chicken, Double Avocado, Tuna Melt, Black Bean Burgerwich and Wicked - "Our signature sandwich comes with turkey, ham, roast beef, pepperoni, and bacon, plus your choice of three cheeses and any additional toppings you want."

Which wich
Or, you can handpick each and every component of your sandwich a la the "BYO" route. You choose the meats, bread, cheeses, sauces, veggies and all the toppings.

Which wichWell, I, of course, went with their signature sandwich and threw in an Oreo shake for good measure. Simply filled out my name, marked my selection on both the bag and the additional card, paid and then waited for them to call my name.

Which wichBecause it is a a new addition - filling the former place of Quiznos - it has been a bit busy. But, I think it's a pretty good sandwich. One of my coworkers said it could easily pass for Firehouse Subs, which seems like pretty high praise.

Which wichI'm a weirdo who tends to prefer cold sub sandwiches, but the Wicked was pretty good. In a world full of Subways, Jimmy Johns, and Firehouse Subs, I think Which Wich stands up. Not bad.

Which wichAnd the shake was a solid addition. It was definitely a thicker shake. Not bad, not bad.

Which wich

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