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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Mr DeliveryThere are just some days where it's more than you can bear to leave the house. It might be rainy or you may have just had a long week. It's those days when delivery is your best friend.

For me, that tends to happen on Sundays. Fortunately, living in a college town, there are quite a few places that deliver. And, if restaurants don't have their own delivery drivers in-house, there is a service that provides that for them.

Mr DeliveryMr. Delivery is an online ordering and food delivery service located in 20 cities across the United States. Morgantown, West Virginia, just happens to be one of them. The company reached out to me recently to try their service so they provided me with a $25 credit to try anything my heart desired. 

We make ordering food simple, fun, and accessible via desktop or mobile devices. Our focus goes beyond food, partnering with local businesses, schools, groups, and restaurants, bringing our customers the best experience possible. With Mr. Delivery, you can save time, avoid stressful traffic and inclement weather, all while ordering from the comfort of your home or business. Now, "What will it be?"
Mr. Delivery features all sorts of restaurants - from Cold Stone Creamery and McDonalds to Black Bear Burritos and Lefty's. I don't think it's any secret I've fallen in love with Lefty's, so this was an easy decision for me - though it would be cool to also have delivery from Black Bear or McDonald's because that's kinda cool. 

Mr DeliverySo, I went the site, perused Lefty's menu and added a bunch of stuff to my cart: pizza, mozzarella sticks, a burboli and two drinks. The $25 credit applied only to food, so I ended up paying around $10 for tax, a processing fee, and tip. Lefty's delivery fee was waived, but that could be an additional expense to keep in mind. I placed my order and got a call a few minutes later from Mr. Delivery saying that Lefty's ran out of mozzarella sticks - bummer! But, we swapped it for buffalo chicken tenders, and they revised my total to reflect that - just about $1.50 more. Then, I simply waited.

Mr DeliveryIt's pretty cool to see the progress, so you know where your food is at all times. You enter it online, the folks at Mr. Delivery make the order, the restaurant prepares it, Mr. Delivery picks it up and brings it to you. Mine even came five minutes earlier than originally scheduled! 

Mr. Delivery is a great option, especially for those restaurants who may not deliver otherwise. It, and OrderUp, are the two delivery services offered in town, and if you haven't tried Mr. Delivery, you may just find your favorite restaurant there. 

Mr Delivery

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