Rivesville Edition: Cafe Diem

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Cafe DiemRivesville is a small town that is making a name for itself. For one, it has the nearest record store to me. Also, a brewery is in the works here. So, pretty happenin' stuff happenin'.

Cafe DiemCafe Diem appeared on my radar due to this listicle circulating about unsuspecting restaurants with good food.

Cafe DiemLocated at 2408 Paw Paw Creek Road, the restaurant was close to my GPS. It was a touch off, and when I went to turn around, it just happened to be in Cafe Diem's parking lot. So, that worked perfectly.

Cafe DiemWe walked in and took a seat before looking over the menu. The inside is simple, but bright, and there are candles and some other knick-knacks for sale. Otherwise, fairly simple with a little country twist.

Cafe DiemThe restaurant's coal miner burger - which features muenster cheese, buttery cabbage and garlic mayo on an everything bun - is well-known. But there are a number of interesting items on the menu.

Cafe DiemBeyond burgers, there is mac & cheese, sandwiches, pasta and the thing that stood out to me was the pulled pork loaded potato bowl. They are baked potatoes with the center hollowed out, topped with cheese, pulled pork, sour cream and chives.

Cafe DiemFor sides, I got potato salad and onion rings.

Cafe DiemThe potato bowls were really good! It felt filling - without actually being too awful bad for you - and the bbq sauce was delicious. All of it together was great, and I don't know that I've really seen this on a menu before. I ate every last bit.

Cafe DiemThe potato salad and onion rings were both fine. The real star was by far the potato bowl.

Cafe DiemBut, dessert was also great. Fun fact: Dessert is free on your first visit! I didn't know that, but I had my heart set on the salted caramel brownie with ice cream since we walked inside.

Cafe DiemThe brownie was good - a bit mooshy and had some cinnamon flavor - but hell, put ice cream on anything and I'll be happy.

Cafe DiemAnd, our service was fantastic. I was incredibly indecisive this day, and our waitress was very kind. Such a nice little experience with some good food!

Grade: A
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