Charleston Edition: The Come Thru Kitchen

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Come thru Kitchen

Some time ago, I saw a page named "The Come Thru Kitchen" pop up on Facebook.

Come thru Kitchen

After asking a few friends if they had ever been there, I discovered it's a new pop-up that didn't have an official location.

Come thru Kitchen

Essentially, it's available at the kitchen of the owner, and you can keep an eye on Facebook to see what they're serving that day.

Come thru Kitchen

The Come Thru Kitchen is aptly name - literally come through for a bite.

Come thru KitchenBut, I saw recently they did a vendor fair where they served from the kitchen. This seemed like the perfect option since I don't know the owners and thought it might be strange rolling up to their house.

Come thru KitchenThey served up buffalo chicken dip, fried fish sandwiches, lasagna, and Italian meatballs with cheese. Sides included macaroni & cheese, candied yams, greens and more. Plus desserts like banana pudding.

Come thru KitchenSoul food is my favorite, and I haven't had sweet macaroni and cheese since the time I judged a cookoff - and I missed it so!

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