Friday, March 29, 2019

Charleston Edition: Copper Pint Irish Pub

Copper Pint

I'm still making my way around to the various bars in Charleston.

Copper PintI don't go out much these days, so it's taken my quite a while to make it to some of them. One of which I've been wanting to go to - to try the food - is Copper Pint.

Copper PintWhen I've been here before, I didn't get a chance to try anything from the menu. So, Sara and I took a happy hour trip.

Copper PintFirst, a SeaQuench.

Copper PintSara got some fried pickles, and I went for buffalo chicken dip.

Copper PintI did not realize that the Copper Pint shares the same menu with Vino's. But buffalo chicken dip is always a good time.

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