Green Chili Shoot Out 2019

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Green Chili ShootoutThe Green Chili Shoot Out is one of my favorite local events.

Green Chili ShootoutThis year featured tons of people's choice competitors, ICS competitors, music, craft beer and more.

Green Chili ShootoutAnd I was fortunate enough to be a judge for the professional portion.

Green Chili ShootoutI happened to be in the "final" round, so after groups A and B chose their favorites, we tasted the best of the best.

Green Chili ShootoutIt was so fun to try a bunch of different kinds - there was even a sweeter one that I absolutely loved.

Green Chili ShootoutWe didn't get a chance to try the people's choice entries, but they sounded fabulous, too!

Green Chili ShootoutI learned a lot about green chili - because usually I've judge traditional or homestyle.

Green Chili ShootoutWho had your favorite chili this year?

Green Chili Shootout

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