Morgantown Edition: The Pizza Place

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Pizza Place - Morgantown

If you've ever been to the Parkersburg area, you're probably familiar with The Pizza Place.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe iconic pizza shop has a cult following for its two locations. And, now, there's a third in Morgantown.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe Pizza Place serves two kinds of pizza: Sicilian (thick crust) and Neopolitan (thin crust).

Pizza Place - MorgantownThey also have items like pepperoni rolls, calzones, strombolis, wings, and subs.

Pizza Place - MorgantownTo start, we sampled a pepperoni roll!

Pizza Place - MorgantownAnd, then I got one slice of each style.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe Sicilian is thick, with a crisp crust.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe little pepperonis curl up into tiny grease cups.

Pizza Place - MorgantownThe Neopolitan slices are large.

Pizza Place - MorgantownI got mine with mushrooms! Which do you like better?

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