New Orleans, LA Edition: Napoleon House

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Napoleon house

The Napoleon House in New Orleans has an interesting history:

Napoleon house

The optimistic plot to provide refuge for the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte by the original owner, Nicholas Girod, Mayor of New Orleans from 1812 to 1815, did not come to pass for the emperor. The building has been known as the Napoleon House ever since, either as an Italian grocery store to a restaurant with countless servings of the signature Pimm's Cup and long list of classic Creole favorites.
Remaining true to itself, the deeply patinated walls, uneven floors, luminous photography, and a sea of quotes from famous to regular guests covering the walls between the weathered paintings, speak to the many decades of dedicated service and one of the world's greatest bars.
Napoleon house
I ordered the "Pimm's Cup Original": Pimm's Cup has New Orleans lore the popular drink made its mark at the Napoleon House bar in the late 1940s amongst the bon viveur set. Unique to its maker, it is a gin based aperitif mixed with fresh lemonade, 7 up, and a sliver of cucumber that would be a refreshing cocktail that cools you off during heated summer days in New Orleans.

Napoleon house

It's made with a British gin based liquor & lemonade, splash of lemon-lime soda & cucumber garnish. And, it's absolutely phenomenal. I could drink these all day every day. Sweet, refreshing and comforting.

Napoleon house

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