South Charleston Edition: Sumthin' Good Soul Food

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Something Good Soul Food

Sumthin' Good Soul Food opened about two years ago, but they recently moved locations.

Something Good Soul FoodAnd, soul food is one of my favorites so I'll take any excuse to get some.

Something Good Soul FoodI went for the "Chunky Butt Combo" - pork butt deliciousness; our owner created this deletable dish for you to enjoy served over rice or on a bun.

Something Good Soul FoodI got that with Momma Fran's Mac N Cheese and Momma Fran's Candied Yams. Clearly I'm a fan of Momma Fran.

Something Good Soul FoodThey scooped out my choices and gave me a plate full of deliciousness.

Something Good Soul FoodWhat's your favorite thing here?

Something Good Soul Food

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