Charleston, SC Edition: Rodney Scott's

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Rodney Scott’s BBQ

If you ask anyone in the Charleston, South Carolina, area what they think the best BBQ is locally, they will likely say Rodney Scott's.

Rodney Scott’s BBQ
Rodney Scott's is known for smoked whole hog BBQ.

Rodney Scott’s BBQ
"Smoking meat is an overnight process at this acclaimed North Central destination for pulled pork prepared over live coals in the regional style, plus Lowcountry favorites like slabs of ribs, pit-cooked chicken and fried catfish. The laid-back, light-filled counter serve has both booths and communal seating inside and a few picnic tables out front."

Rodney Scott’s BBQ
There's outdoor dining and indoor, as well. I ordered at the counter and had a seat. After a few minutes, I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich and macaroni & cheese in front of me.

Rodney Scott’s BBQ
It is truly, really delicious. Like, you don't even need sauce it's so good.

Rodney Scott’s BBQ

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