Friendsgiving at the Burd House 2019

By Candace Nelson - 6:00 PM

Burdette Thanksgiving

One of my good friends, Alex, is an amazing cook. He's one of those brilliant minds who only puts effort toward the things he wants, and when he does, he absolutely kills it. Cooking is no exception.

Burdette ThanksgivingHe hosted a Friendsgiving (which is probably the best holiday) and I was lucky enough to be in attendance.

Burdette ThanksgivingHe made TWO turkeys - one oven-roasted and the other deep-fried. I had never had a deep-fried turkey before. Both were super tasty, but the deep-fried one was unreal.

Burdette ThanksgivingI've only seen the fail videos on YouTube where the turkey like explodes. So, when I walked up to his porch and saw the turkey bubbling away, I was relieved to know it hadn't exploded.

Burdette ThanksgivingThe tables were all decked out with turkey tablecloths, plates, napkins and waiting for us were meat & cheese trays! Sara, Jeff, Anthony and I devoured these before dinner was ready.

Burdette ThanksgivingPlus, there was punch, homemade pickles and more.

Burdette ThanksgivingStuffing is always one of my favorites. And this one is homemade. Honestly not sure if I've had homemade stuffing before.

Burdette ThanksgivingLil bit of mashed potatoes.

Burdette ThanksgivingAnd some green beans.

Burdette ThanksgivingBroccoli salad! We usually have broccoli and cheese in my house, but this was super good.

Burdette ThanksgivingThere was also salad, cranberries (one of my absolute favorites!) and so many good desserts, like apple pie and applesauce spice cake.

Burdette ThanksgivingBut pumpkin pie always has my heart.

Burdette Thanksgiving

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