Portland, ME Edition: Flood's

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM


For a nightcap to end our first night in Portland, Maine, Kaitee and my friend Joshua and his friend all ventured to Flood's.

“[Flood’s] is a reference to a writer I’ve always loved named Joseph Mitchell,” Mitchell said (and no, there’s no relation to the author). “He did a lot of fun and poignant writing on fishermen and butchers and fishmongers around New York City. He had a character [in his book] called ‘Old Mr. Flood.’ [The character] wasn’t a real person; he was an amalgamation of characters at the South Street Seaport fish market. It kind of spoke to me, this collection of ideas and characters.” [source]

Flood's is owned by one of the same owners as Palace Diner and features dinner, drinks and desserts - kind of everything the Palace Diner doesn't.

We tried the blueberry-peach cobbler, which was a beautiful blend of homey, warm, sweet treat topped with a cold scoop of ice cream. Always a winner.

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