Huntington Edition: West Tenampa Mexican Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 6:19 PM

West tanampa

There are many Mexican restaurants in the Metro Valley area of West Virginia, but most carry pretty much the same menu with small changes here and there. So, they're not typically high on my list of "to-visit" places. But I had heard good things about West Tenampa Mexican Restaurant. 

West tanampa

While I didn't get a chance to dine in, I did get a carryout order. And, I started with the chips and salsa, as is standard. Nothing too out of the ordinary here. The salsa was fairly mild, very thin, but tasty. 

West tanampa

For my meal, I ordered the "Seafood Chimichanga" - Grande Chimichanga filled with Grilled Shrimp, Scallops, Crabmeat, cooked with Sauteed Onion, Tomatoes & Green Pepper, served with Rice, Beans & topped with Guacamole Salad & Sour Cream. Seriously, drown anything in queso and I think I'll eat it. This is no exception. It was so tasty - if not a bit too mushy (which may be my fault since I got it to go). But I appreciated a different filling. Overall, not bad. 

Grade: B

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