Charleston Edition: Coco's Kitchen + Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 6:11 PM


Coco's Kitchen + Cafe is a brand new restaurant in downtown Charleston that has a focus on healthy meal options.


"Our goal is simple: Use seasonal ingredients to create healthy food that’s nourishing, delicious and makes you feel great. Located in the heart of downtown Charleston, guests can enjoy simple, seasonal and delightful dishes in our casual, relaxed environment. Open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch. We are so excited to see you! Stay safe and much love." ABOUT PAGE


The interior is lovely. Green plants all over. A mixture of wood and metal tables and chairs. Mason jars. Funky art. And some cool, historic charm. It's really sweet. 


The menu changes up. But on this visit, I went with a Berry Happy smoothie (raspberry, strawberry, orange juice, vanilla yogurt, milk and hemp), the Caprese Panini (mozzarella, tomato, pesto, balsamic and focaccia) and a side of fresh fruit. The smoothie was thick - definitely heavy on the greek yogurt part in consistency and flavor, I think next time, I'll ask for extra orange juice to get that tang.


The sandwich was a bit tough to eat, but I loved the bread. Extra balsamic would kick this up a notch.

Grade: B

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