Huntington Edition: Fuji Express

By Candace Nelson - 7:37 PM

Fuji Express

Fuji Express, a new restaurant located on Hal Greer in Huntington, opened during the COVID-19 pandemic. While that presents a number of challenges, it also presented some opportunities - like adapting to this "new normal." For instance, they have a pick up window. And that made me feel comfortable trying them, as I've been trying to limit my indoor dining.

Fuji Express

Their menu features hibachi entrees, Japanese udon noodles, sushi, teriyaki and Chinese dishes. So, a little bit of everything. But first, no matter what, start with crab rangoons. These weren't super memorable, but by the looks of the blurry photo, I wasted no time scarfing them down.

Fuji Express

For my entree, I went with chicken teriyaki. I learned it's an art, of sorts, in Seattle. I was hoping to experience some of that same flavor. It wasn't exactly the same - but it was like a lighter version. The sauce could've been a bit bolder with more flavor instead of lightly brushed on some grilled pieces.

Fuji Express

Overall, it was decent. But next time, I might try some of the udon or sushi.

Grade: B

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