Huntington Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World - 20th Street

By Candace Nelson - 8:55 PM

Tudor’s - Huntington - 20th

We're back on that Tudor's Biscuit World groove. This time, we're in Huntington.

Tudor’s - Huntington - 20th

This location on 20th Street has "Where It All Began" on their front windows, leading many folks to believe it's the first one. But this was a hot conversation on Twitter a few years ago, where I learned the original Tudor's location was on the West Side - but not the one that's currently there.

Tudor’s - Huntington - 20th

Now that the signature biscuits are out of the way, I'm trying the remainder of the biscuits - like this egg melt. I mean. it's probably a good option for vegetarians? But since eggs are not my most favorite things, this is not my most favorite biscuit. I like that it exists. But I do not want it again.

Grade: C

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