Morgantown Edition: Dockside Grille

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Dockside Grille

During these crazy times, I'm trying to stay as safe as possible while also supporting local businesses. So, there has been a lot of takeout. A LOT of takeout. Even at places like Dockside Grille, which considers one of its biggest selling points being right on the river.

Dockside Grille

Nonetheless, I got a nice view of the space when I went to pick up. The island vibe is spread throughout the space, while still having a touch of refinement.

Dockside Grille

To start off, I ordered the coconut shrimp. Breaded, deep-fried shrimp with the sweet coconut outer layer. Plus a side of a creamy sweet chili sauce brought it all together. Yum.

Dockside Grille

Then, it's lobster ravioli time. Plump ravioli, stuffed with lobster meat and cheese, and topped with a creamy tomato sauce. This is not a new flavor to me, but it is one of my favorites. Creamy, cheesy, indulgent - in all the best ways.

Dockside Grille

Grade: A

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