Savor! West Virginia

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Did you know there is a magazine dedicated to WV food? I didn't either, until recently. Savor! West Virginia is "an independent publication dedicated to West Virginia food, spirits and travel." While they haven't produced a print publication yet, they are building an online identity.

Check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts.Yes, this is cool. But it's also very, very helpful. On their Facebook page, you'll see specials every day. For example, know those bakeries who change their specials each day, and you're not quite sure what it'll be until you step foot inside the door? Savor WV compiles that content from around the state and gives it back to you on one simple page.

Local places they cover include Terra Cafe and New Day Bakery. They also showcase events from all around the state. And, my favorite, is their fantastic recipes. I don't include many recipes on my blog because, well, I'm not the best cook. I'm trying, though! But they have some great stuff, like a Bacon Swiss Chard Frittata and a Cheese Grits Spinach Souffle. Mouth-watering, I know. And they take submissions.

So, of course I had to get in on this action. I've sent in my review of Mario's Fishbowl, and I will be a regular every other Monday, starting on Feb. 13. Check them out!

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