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China Wok is a Chinese restaurant in Westover. I’ve passed this place probably 100 times, but I never stopped in. Chris and I were in the mood for Chinese food the other day, so we decided to try a new place instead of the usual go-tos.
I logged onto DubVmenus and places my order for a combination plate of General Tso’s chicken. It comes with an eggroll, and you can also choose a shrimp eggroll or pork-fried rice. I chose pork-fried rice, but in the comments section, I asked for white rice. We also put in an order for crab cheese rangoons. My total was around the average: I spent about $25 for two combination plates, the rangoons and delivery charge/tip.
I really wasn’t sure how long it would take since this place is located in Westover, and I am not. Much to their credit, they made it to my place in about 25 minutes. A lovely man knocked on my door, handed me a smiley face plastic bag and went on his way.
Two large white plastic containers contained our entrees (I love these and save them for Tupperware) and a smaller plastic bag had some deep-fried crab cheese rangoons. The General Tso’s sauce was spicy and sweet. Thick, laden with chili peppers, and packing a little heat, this sauce was perfection. I wish I could have said the same for the chicken, but the quality wasn’t the best, with stringy, chewy pieces of chicken occasionally.
The crab cheese rangoons’ mixture is very smooth and creamy. I prefer it to be slightly more crumbly, but it was tasty. I was surprisingly impressed with this restaurant, and I’m happy I gave it a try. It’s a nice change from what I usually order because it’s just as tasty but a little different.
Grade: B
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  1. The one time I went to China Wok my friend had a terrible customer service experience. She can't eat pork, so she specifically and emphatically requested if they could substitute chicken fried rice in place of the pork rice with her dish and a spring roll in place of the standard egg roll. They indicated that this was fine and put the order in.

    When we got our food she had been given pork rice and an egg roll. She pointed this out to the woman at the counter and asked again if she could have them substituted, to which the woman responded "Oh, no. So sorry. Maybe next time."

    They also refused a refund so my friend spent money on food she couldn't eat. There has yet to be a "next time."

    1. Wow - that really is terrible. I can't believe they wouldn't even refund her money! That's ridiculous. Sorry to hear about that. Guess she wasn't missing a ton anyway; they're not that great. But I probably wouldn't go back again, and I did get to eat my food.


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