Jim's Produce: Maters, Taters, & More!

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I kept seeing, what looked to me to be, a small farmers' market along Oakvale Road in Princeton.I asked around to the locals I knew to see if they had heard of this place, Jim's Produce. No one really knew about it, but I was determined to make a stop. The small, hand-painted signs boasted things like potatoes and honey.

When Chris had a day off, we swung by. We parked along the edge and make our way to the small building. More hand-painted signs greeted us, as well as a friendly fellow who quickly told us all the produce is inside because it was too windy out. He was carrying the last of the products that were outside on the tables inside so it didn't blow away.

Walking up the stairs, the inside of the the small room was brightly lit from the sun shining. Freshly plucked baby vidalia onions were off to the side, while shelves housed honey jars. Other fruits and veggies lined the walls. I picked up a jar of beets, a small bunch of baby vidalia onions, a tomato and a jar of apple butter.

Apparently Jim gets his veggies from some people who grow them. At first, I thought he grew them, but they're all imported. Most within the regional area, but they're hoping to get even more local. I didn't get a chance to taste the apple butter, as I left that for Chris. But the rest of the goodies were tasty, and I hope to go back soon.

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