Milano's Pizza II

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I saw a sign for Milano's Pizza II pop up at the Northpointe Plaza. I have never been to Milano's Pizza (the original), but it does seem to exist. Don't worry, I'll be trying that one soon. A friend and I decided to check this new pizza place out. Thoug hit's tough to make a left turn into this plaza, I like that there is ample parking. When we walked inside, I was surprised to find such a comfortable atmosphere.

It was bare - nobody was sitting at the booths that lined the walls or the tables inside. But the cook was slaving away in the kitchen. They must have a lot of to-go orders. The cook was warm, welcoming, inviting. He greeted us in his thick Italian accent. That was a good sign. We looked over the menu - I ordered breadsticks, a small pizza and a drink. This man didn't write down a thing - he had it all, as well as my friend's order. I went to pay, but he hushed me. He wasn't concerned about me paying. He was concerned about me having a good experience. He said for me to pay later.

That was sweet of him, I thought. I sat back down and watched the TV they had on overhead. He had some orders he was fulfilling. The oven is right there in front of you, so I'd watch him toss the dough by hand and sprinkle the cheese. It was a really cool experience. It felt authentic.

When our pizzas were ready, I walked back up to the counter to grab our dishes. I went to pay again. He turned me away again. He told me later. I laughed it off then went to enjoy the pizza. The breadsticks were thick, fluffy, tasty with parmesan cheese generously garnished. The marinara was thin, but hearty. The pizza was fantastic. Classic New York style - these large slices were overwhelmed with oozy, greasy cheese, the crust thin and the tomato sauce robust. I love it. I love the atmosphere. This guy knows he has a good product, and he wants you to enjoy it.
Tons of people came in and out for their to-go orders. They know it's good, too. And super cheap.

It wasn't until I cleared off my table and took the trays back to get to-go boxes that he let me pay. I'll be certain to go back. And I definitely need to try the other location. I gotta say, it's within my top five - up there with Pizza Al's and PeppeBroni's.

Grade: A
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