Friday, July 6, 2012

Morgantown Musical Chairs

Seems to be lots of places moving around recently. What has been going on? So far, this is my compiled list of what I've seen:

I need to have a post about all the places that have moved - like Tutto Gelato. Have anything else to add/negate? Just curious, folks!

EDIT: Dragonfly moved to 160 Fayette Street - but it's not going to be Dragonfly anymore. It's going to be "Blues, Brews & BBQ (Texas Smoker Style) & New Buddha Lounge"

Also, apparently a Lebanese restaurant may be going in where Synergy/Careyes was.

I also heard a rumor of another potential restaurant going in place where the furniture store is next to Chasers.

Oh and the "Fondue Factory" where Rain is.

EDIT EDIT: Plus the Soul House Bistro that is to open in Star City. It was supposed to open back in April, but still hasn't ...