Monday, July 16, 2012

Wings Ole (Downtown)

Wings Ole has operates three restaurants: two in Morgantown and one in Fairmont. I've already scoped out the Suncrest location, so I thought it was due time for me to visit the location downtown along University Ave.

As I've mentioned before, Wings Ole is a local tradition. People rave about the fries and bleu - not because it's great food, I don't think. But it's more about that nostalgia. This place has been a part of many youths' upbringings.

The downtown location is positioned right at the beginning of the bridge, so it can be slightly precarious to get into. The parking lot is a little odd, and there is some additional parking down below. But once you get situated, it's easy to navigate.

When we walked through the main doors, there was a cool mural on the wall. It kind of gave it some individual flare. But once I opened the actual doors, a musty smell overcame us. It was like the water they had been using to clean up with was old and leaving a gross smell linger. Not good.

Looking at the menu, they are like a more expensive Taco Bell. They have fast-food "Mexican" plus wings. But the wings are covered in a tomato paste-like sauce that I hear is not great. I'm not huge on wings, so I haven't tried them. I looked to their other fare: quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos, burritos. I had a burrito before from the other location - kind of soggy, bland and not good. I went the quesadilla route. And of course, a side of fries and bleu. My total came to around $11. That's not a lot for a sit-down restaurant, but it's a good bit for a fast-food place. And I consider this place the latter.

When you order the quesadilla, you get a side of sauce. I wasn't expecting that, so I asked what sauces they had. The girl said nacho cheese, verde, ombre and a few others. I asked what ombre was - she said she didn't know. So, yeah, went with nacho cheese on her suggestion.

The interior is one giant room. We went outside because it was much fresher. They actually do have a nice, small outdoor dining area because it overlooks the river and the bridge. It's nice. Our food was out fairly quickly. The servers brought out our food on trays, but then took our paper plates full of food and put them on the table and took the trays back with them. It was odd that they didn't just leave the tray with us, considering the food was on flimsy paper plates.

My quesadilla was good. It was a good fast-food-like quesadilla. Just like something I could get at Taco Bell. Maybe quesadillas are safe - if you can pack some colby jack cheese and small chunks of chicken between two tortillas, I think you're safe. But it was good. I finished the whole thing, and I'd order it again. I won't actively seek it out, but if I ever find myself there again, I'd totally order it. I didn't bother with the nacho cheese though, didn't really need it.

I do also like their fries and bleu. The fries were golden crispy on the outside, and the bleu cheese, while not really bleu cheesy, is tasty. It's basically ranch, but I really like fries and ranch, so I'm happy either way. Don't expect chunks of fresh bleu cheese or creative, mind-blowing flavors. But for what this place is, I'm okay with it. If you're feeling into a sit-down fast-food joint, why not? Plus it does have a decent view.

Grade: B
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