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By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

In a sea of Chinese delivery/takeout restaurants, I haven't heard a lot about Grace. It's located right along Beechurst Avenue and boasts the same menu as local Great Wall, China One, China Wok...

They had a special on DubVmenus that if you buy $12 worth of food (not counting delivery fee, taxes, etc.), you get a free five-piece wonton. I thought, "what the hell?" Of course, that ended with me aimlessly adding things to my cart to get to that $12 limit, which probably would have been cheaper had I just bought them ... but I digress.

I put my order through, and it can add up quite quickly. A $2 delivery charge. A .49 cent "fax" charge. Plus tax. My total ended up coming to $16.84, somehow. Or $16.69, I'm not sure which. On DubVmenus, it said $16.69, but on my receipt from Grace, it said $16.84. Grace had 15 cents more on the tax. Regardless, this annoys me because I keep track of my money, and I don't understand why there is a discrepancy between my receipt from DubVmenus and my receipt from the restaurant. Not cool.

AND THEN, I typed in my address, but it was somehow autocorrected to a numberless "Southpoint Cir." whatever that is. So I called them to give them my actual address, which negates the convenience of it being online. However, I don't think this is really the restaurant's fault.

I got a call back about 15 minutes later from the delivery driver who said he was at an apartment with a different number than mine; I told him the correct number. He apologized and said he must've written it down wrong, but he handed it to me and I finally got from point A to point B.

The Styrofoam container had everything mashed up on one side and some sauce was leaking out. I tried some, and at first bite, I thought the General Tso's wasn't bad. But upon further review, I got those tough, stringy pieces that I always dread. They simply need to step up their quality of meat. The sauce it was in was tasty - not too thick or thin, but a good amount of spice.

The wontons were probably the best thing I ordered. They had a good serving of creamy cheese in them, and they even provided two small containers of sweet and sour sauce to dip in. The wonton wrappers were light and crisp; the interior thick and indulgent.

I wasn't crazy about the eggrolls - they almost seemed to be frozen, but were average. It seemed less greasy than, say, Great Wall. But overall, I wasn't impressed. I think I'll stick with China One.

Grade: C
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