Charleston Edition: Chin's Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Chin's RestaurantChin's RestaurantIn my experience, it's not always easy finding a nice, sit-down Chinese restaurant in West Virginia. Half are takeout, and the other half are buffets. Somewhere inbetween those are the ones you can actually sit down to enjoy a meal.

Chin's fills that void for me here in Charleston.

Chin's RestaurantIt was raining this particular day so my friend and I ran inside. As soon as we entered, she was recognized and warmly welcomed.  Chin's is run by a family, and my friend is from the area. She has been going to this restaurant for a long time.

Chin's RestaurantThis is one of the best things about eating locally - actually knowing the people who are cooking and supporting local families and having that connection.

Chin's has every kind of dish you can think of, but if you're wanting a real treat, check out their chef specialties. Yum.

I decided to go with a dish that just about every restaurant has, so it's a solid benchmark to provide a sense of consistency for judging: sweet and sour chicken.

Chin's RestaurantBut before that, it's eggroll and crab cheese rangoon time.

Chin's is known for their eggrolls. Crispy outside and packed with hunks of cabbage, carrots and steamed veggies. Must try these babies.

The crab cheese rangoons are always good, and that's no exception here. Who doesn't want a crunchy coating filled with oozing cream cheese and crab meat?

But let's get to the main attraction here: sweet and sour chicken. I love love love the sauce it as cooked in. The tangy sweet sauce with cooked veggies - tomatoes, green pepper and pineapples. Everything was so fresh and so hot.

Chin's RestaurantThe sauce spread to the fried rice - a welcome development. I would pour the sauce on everything, if I could. And for whatever reason, I can never find an equivalent in the grocery store. Just too good.

Grade: A
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