Charleston Edition: Betty Lou's

By Candace Nelson - 11:20 AM

Betty Lou'sBetty Lou's Diner came across my radar when I was doing research for a story. The local health department in Charleston was giving gold stars for the restaurants who basically went above and beyond typical health standards. Betty Lou's was one on a fairly short list.

Betty Lou'sI was intrigued. And then I found out the restaurant was one of 101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia. Okay, cool. Definitely going.

Brittany and I made our way to the South Charleston restaurant - it's located at 415 Central Avenue, and it's pretty much nestled in with a residential area. But the bright red exterior tipped me off.

It was pretty sparse when we went inside, but we chose a table near the front. A waitress came out with some worn menus that had seen better days. I was torn between trying their pulled pork sandwich or their Betty Hot Dog - which is essentially a West Virginia hot dog (slaw, mustard, chili, onions). So I got both, duh.

Betty Lou'sAfter a little wait, my food came out on a plastic red tray. So much West Virginia in one spot. I was happy.

Betty Lou'sThe pulled pork was pretty big, and it was pretty average as far as flavor goes. Standard BBQ, but nothing that blew me away. It was good, though.
Betty Lou's
The hotdog was similar. Mediocre weenie, not a ton of chili, slaw was fine. Decent hot dog.

Betty Lou'sNothing was terrible here, but nothing was better than average. It was all decent.

Oh, I'm lying. One really cool thing is that they had my article hanging up. That's pretty cool.

If you're in the mood for some diner food, this might quench that thirst. And if it's nearby, I'm sure it's a winner. I wouldn't mind trying it again.

Grade: B
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