Charleston Edition: Creperi Cafe (Kanawha City)

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Cafe Creperie
Cafe CreperieI've always thought that the Creperi Cafe (I'm actually not sure if it's Creperi Cafe or Cafe Creperi - I've seen it both ways) is a creative idea. Have an entire menu based around crepes - a universally delicious food. It's different, and it's fun. Or maybe I just like a well-executed theme.

Cafe CreperieCreperi Cafe fought me, though. I tried and tried and tried to dine at this establishment, but it was always closed. For one reason or another - during hours they were supposed to be open. Just when I was about to give up trying to give them my money, I tried one more time. And they happened to be open.

Cafe CreperieTheir second location is in South Charleston, but since this is the original, I was even more excited. It's located in Kanawha City in a small plaza with a sub shop. A decent sized parking lot is out front, and the building looks like a quaint house from the outside.

Cafe CreperieInside, bright colors splashed the walls, and at the front was a counter to place our orders. They have breakfast crepes, chocolate crepes, light meal crepes, and ice cream crepes. Since it was around dinner time, my friend Matt and I both got the Crepe de Salmon.

What's pretty cool is you can watch them make the crepes right in front of you. It's a delicate and kind of beautiful thing.

Cafe CreperieMy crepe contained smoke salmon, fresh spring mix, onion, roma tomatoes, black olives, greek dressing and feta because they were out of smoke gouda. $6.95 plus my drink.

It's a fairly large portion and full of goodies. And it's light and feels healthy. Think salad wrapped up in a brittle crepe. Fresh, light and a little tang with the dressing. Tasty.

Grade: A Creperi Cafe on Urbanspoon

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