Charleston Edition: Suzi's

By Candace Nelson - 9:17 AM

Suzi'sSuzi'sI've heard Suzi's referred to as "Suzi's Hamburgers," but what you have to get there is the biscuits, apparently. For whatever reason, my friend and I happened to be in the South Charleston area at an ungodly early hour (Suzi's isn't open for dinner) - so we swung through the drive-thru.

Suzi'sGranted, this is via a drive-thru, so it's very likely that the quality is less than perfect. But  go with it.

Maybe I'm not a huge biscuit person. Maybe it's the Nothern Panhandle in me. But I've had my ups and downs with Tudor's, but Suzi's doesn't come close to that - I don't think.

I ordered a bacon and egg biscuit. I felt like I was eating a flour-coated cloud. And not in a good way. It was just doughey and too much. Maybe it was an off day, or I just wasn't feeling that much biscuit to meat/egg ratio. It was too dense. Too thick. Too bland. Will have to try in the future.

Grade: C
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