Morgantown Edition: Clutch Wing Shop

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

UntitledUntitledClutch Wings burst onto the Morgantown restaurant scene not too long ago. They have a sister store in Tailpipes, which has been well-known for its awesome social media and online presence. Clutch Wings followed suit by tweeting specials, contests and free food. Who doesn't love free food?

Clutch Wing Shop boasts itself as the only place in town that focuses solely on wings and wing delivery. And like Tailpipes, they have created some interesting combinations that piqued my interest. They have tater tots. You can get them with ketchup. Or with Cheez Wiz. Or with Cheez Wiz and candied bacon. Or, you can get them with mac and cheese, Cheez Wiz and Sriracha ketcup.


They also have sandwiches or "melts," which have some sort of cold cut with a cheese, some veggies and something like pistachio pesto mayo, jamaican mayo, balsamic, aioli, or some other type of dressing.

But the wings are their specialty - boneless, traditional or tofu.They have five main categories: Buffalo style, BBQ, Far East Flavors, Dry Rubs and Best of the Best. Buffalo Style has traditional, old bay, hot, honey jalapeno, hot garlic and stupid. BBQ has sweet honey, hot, Cajun, Asian BBQ and sweet peach. Far East Flavors has teriyaki, Korean, sweet chili, orange ginger and kung pao. Dry Rubs include ranch, old bay, lemon pepper, taco and red hot. Best of the best includes Tailpipes fry sauce, garlic butter, Pb and j, and curry.

I ordered six boneless Asian BBQ and six Sweet Chili. I know those are like two similar ones, but I wanted one from BBQ and one from Far East, and those were the ones I wanted!  You can get them with ranch, bleu cheese, avocado ranch, spicy ranch or Clutch sauce. I didn't see the Clutch sauce or I would've ordered that. Instead, I got the bleu cheese and avocado ranch. With a drink, my total came to $15.30. Pricey for 12 wings and a drink.

UntitledSix wings are $6.29. 12 wings are $12.49. 18 wings are $17.99. 24 wings are $23.99. 50 wings are $48.29.

Let's backtrack for a second. The outside is barely recognizable as a restaurant. Luckily I knew their logo, so I found it. There is some parking in front, which is a plus. Inside, it's bare. It doesn't have a theme like Tailpipes does. And, there's just one table. So if you're trying to eat in, look elsewhere. They focus primarily on delivery. So, if you're getting delivery, it's also going to add a couple extra bucks to your total. The price is getting fairly steep here.

But are they good? Yeah, they weren't bad. I really liked the Sweet Chili ones a lot better than the Asian BBQ ones. They had the spice I was looking for, and the BBQ ones seemed to fall flat in comparison. Both sauces were tasty and the avocado ranch was unique - a little bit of fresh flavor to the ranch.

The BBQ ones also seemed to be a bit more dry, but they probably just cooked a tad too long. I kind of have a hard time paying this much for chopped up chicken fingers with sauce because I know other places sell them for so much cheaper. But if you're looking for something different with unique sauces - check them out. And I'm sure kinks - such as inconsistencies in cooking - will be worked out as they find their groove. That would be worth the price.

Grade: B
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