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By Candace Nelson - 2:28 PM

Boston Burger CompanyI traveled to Boston to see my good friend, Kaitlynn, and her boyfriend, Josh, for Christmas. As most of my close friends know, I try to eat strictly local when traveling (if possible), so they had a handful of places they wanted to take me, and I had a handful of places I heard good good things about. I have a few short Boston reviews coming up,

Boston Burger CompanyOur first stop was the Boston Burger Company. They were on Zagat's list for the best burgers in Boston. The restaurant was located in Davis Square, with lots of other shops and diners. Boston Burger Co. itself is fairly small with only a dozen or so tables.

Boston Burger CompanyWe had fried pickles for an appetizer: long strips covered in breading. Not bad. Not bad at all. It came with a ranchy-creamy sauce that was good.

They had a bunch of different burgers: ones that are Hawaiian-themed with pineapple, others with BBQ and onion rings, some with macaroni and cheese. I ordered the "Hot Mess." It seemed appropriate. It had sweet potato fries, American cheese, chopped pickles, jalapenos, bacon, red onion, shredded lettuce and thousand island dressing.

Boston Burger CompanyBoston Burger CompanyBoston Burger Company

Boston Burger CompanyOverall, I thought this was OK. The dressing just kind of dominated everything. If there was more red onion or cheese, it would've been a bit more well-rounded. Homemade chips were good, slaw was average. But it was still a decent burger overall. Kaitlynn had the "Artery Clogger" burger, which was a deep fried, beer-battered burger topped with bacon, American cheese and BBQ sauce. It was pretty good - but far too heavy for me.

Boston Burger CompanyJosh had some fiery hot burger that melted his face off, essentially. Overall thoughts: pretty good burgers. I'm sure if I tried some of the other ones, I might find something a little bit more my style. They have a good bit to choose from. Maybe a little lighter on the dressing next time so some flavor of the actual burger and other ingredients comes through.

Grade: B
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