Fairmont Edition: Colasessano's World Famous Pizza and Pepperoni Buns

By Candace Nelson - 10:17 AM


Colasessano's is an institution in Fairmont - so much so that it's even on the list of 55 Unique Things to Do in WV. They have a location in Morgantown that I've been to, so I had an idea of what the food is like, but nothing beats the original.


Parking is a bit precarious, but I found a spot fairly easily. Inside, it seems as though it's just a carry-out store with a counter and menu board, but when you turn the corner, it opens to a decent sized dining area. I took a seat at a booth and waited for a waitress. Either I looked familiar or they have a lot of regulars, because the waitress asked if I'd like a menu. "Two, please."

Colasessano'sGetting a pepperoni bun was on the list, but we also ordered a side of BBQ wings not knowing how big or small a pepperoni bun was. Pepperoni buns can come plain, with cheese only, with sauce only, with sauce and cheese, or everything. Everything comes with their signature meat sauce, provolone and mild, mixed or hot peppers. I ordered an everything with mild peppers.


So, a pepperoni bun. It's a thick bun, split down the middle, shove a couple sticks of pepperoni inside, top with a meat sauce, some cheese and peppers. I can't say I love it. Sacrilege, I know.

Colasessano'sThey're hearty, but they end up kind of mushy, and the sauce doesn't have much flavor or spice to it at all. I kind of ate pieces of the cheese, but wasn't impressed with the rest.  I just wish some culinary thought went into this a bit more.

I think the wings actually fared better. They were pretty big, but I wish the skin was crisper. I removed it and ate the meat off the bone. A slimy skin does nothing for me.

Colasessano'sSo overall, it was fine. It was something to try, and I'm guessing it operates off a good bit of nostalgia. Or hefty appetites.

Grade: C
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