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By Candace Nelson - 3:30 PM

Forks of CheatI fell in love with Forks of Cheat wine probably before I was old enough to drink (shh). I remember not liking any wines that I had tried because they were too bitter or dry. A friend suggested Forks of Cheat because it tends to be sweeter, and it was love at first swig.

Since then, my tastes have evolved, and I enjoy a variety of wines - not always just the sweet ones. But Forks of Cheat is still one of my favorites. I even did a photo essay on the winery during grad school where I spent some time with the owner, Jerry Deal, around the winery and with his son, Eric Deal, too. It was great learning about why they do what they do and the history and its future.

Forks of CheatI wanted to share my love for this place with two of my good friends, Maggie and Jessica. I had never actually done a "tasting" here before - not an official one, at least. When I was working with them for my photo essay, the folks working would give me a glass to try as I was documenting them. But I never went into the main part and just tried all the different types.

Forks of CheatThere's nothing official here. You just walk in and mention to them that you'd like to try some of the wines. They have a list of everything they offer, and you can choose from there. Just standing over the counter, we tried a few different wines: Niagara (sweet white), Bad Cat (semi-sweet blush), Merlot (dry red), Van Buren (sweet red), Strawberry, Pomegranate, and Pear. They have many more than that, but we were trying not to be lushes.

Once we decided on which ones we liked the best, we each bought a bottle. We had one opened (the Niagara, I think) and took to the deck to drink a few glasses while overlooking the hills. They have small snacks - like crackers and jams - available to purchase if you're interested.

If you're looking to spend a Saturday afternoon sipping some sweet wine while overlooking rolling hills, look no further. I love the relaxation this place provides - just slightly out of town, but beautiful and calming.

Forks of CheatWHITES
Seyval Blanc (Dry) $11
Schawrzer Bar (Semi-Dry) $11
Vidal Blanc (Semi-Dry) $11
Airmail Jones (Semi-Sweet) $11
Niagara (Sweet) $10.50

Bad Cat (Semi-Sweet) $10.50

Cabernet Sauvignon (Dry) $15
Merlot (Dry) $13
Burgundy (Dry) $13
Chambourcin (Dry) $13
Redbud (Semi-Dry) $11
Van Buren (Sweet) $10.50

(All Sweet)
Blackberry $12
Blueberry $12
Strawberry $12
Pomegranate $12
Plum $10.50
Pear $10.50
Peach $10.50
Spice $11
Spiced Apple $11

Forks of CheatBlack Jewel Port $19.50
Watson's White Port $15.50
Mon Doux (cocoa infused red wine) $15

Blackberry 375ml $15
Blackberry 500ml $20
Peach $15
Pear $15
Cherry $15

Grappa $20
Ridge Runner Rum $25
AppleJack Brandy $30
Peach Moonshine $25
Apple Pie Moonshine $25

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