Lewisburg Chocolate Festival

By Candace Nelson - 10:35 AM

Lewisburg Chocolate FestivalLewisburg Chocolate FestivalTwo years ago I went to Morgantown's Chocolate Lovers Day, which was lovely. I've heard absolutely great things about Lewisburg's Chocolate Festival, though, so on April 12, I packed up and headed to town to stuff my face with chocolates. I wrote about the festival in general for Spotlight WV, so you can check out some details there.

Lewisburg Chocolate FestivalTheir main street features lots of shops and restaurants that offer a chocolate tasting for one ticket. One ticket is essentially $1. Packets of five tickets are sold for $5. They sold more than 40,000 tickets this year.

While the biggest seller that year was the local Remax agent, who had choocolate fountains, I tried to stick mostly to local restaurants who made their own products. And ones that I knew I wouldn't be eating at later in the weekend (stay tuned for lots of Lewisburg reviews). Others worked with vendors to produce it or bought them.

With more than 35 vendors, Brittany and I thought we could easily eat at 20 different places. This was a poor decision, and we ended up wasting our tickets - but NOT before stuffing ourselves with chocolate. The eighth annual festival brought out 8,000-plus attendees.

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival-B. Sweet Confectionery, 37 W. Main St., White Sulphur Springs: S’more pop with handmade vanilla bean marshmallow and dark chocolate lava cakes with raspberry sauce Ok, this was super lovely. Not only was it so cute that it was served out of a bright blue and pink truck, but the creativity AND portability was such a good idea. Considering we were traveling around with these, it was super easy to eat and super tasty, too. I didn't know a "fresh" marshmallow until I had this. You could actually taste vanilla - not just pure sugar.

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival
B. Sweet Confectionery: S’more pop with handmade vanilla bean marshmallow
-The Bakery, 102 N. Court St.: Chocolate Crinkle cookie sandwich This was actually one of my very last stops, and I ended up using four tickets to snag some of these cookies and take them to go, since they wouldn't melt. I'm glad I chose these ones because they were absolutely phenomenal. The icing was sweet and thin. The cookie was thick and cookie-like (rather than cake-like). So good.

-Bella the Corner Gourmet, 100 E. Washington St.: Real Scottish butter cookies, dipped in dark and milk chocolate with sprinkles This was probably one of the prettiest ones. I ate glitter and sprinkles! But it was a nice, slightly sweet, dessert. It wasn't overwhelming with chocolate (like some places), so a little cookie was nice.

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival
Bella the Corner Gourmet: Real Scottish butter cookies, dipped in dark and milk chocolate with sprinkles.
-Del Sol Cantina, 206 W. Washington St.: Chocolate mini martinis I have to say - I know this is often a popular one, but I wasn't crazy about it. It was just too.. much for me.

-Edith’s, 114 E. Washington St.: Dark chocolate-covered coconut treats

-Food & Friends, 213 W. Washington St.: Chocolate brownie S’more with salty caramel drizzle Definitely one of my favorites. I think I got two of these. I mean, it's combining s'mores and caramel and chocolate. Just super good.

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival
Food & Friends: Chocolate brownie S’more with salty caramel drizzle 
-The Front Porch, 219 E. Washington St.: DeBrand chocolate truffles

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival
General Lewis Inn: 
Chocolate brownie
Lewisburg Chocolate FestivalLewisburg Chocolate Festival-The General Lewis Inn, 301 E. Washington St.: Chocolate brownie This was a make-your-own-brownie station! I didn't know what I wanted, so I asked the lady to make me her favorite. She topped the brownie with a strawberry filling, whipped cream and nuts. I was excited to go to this one because it was one of the few on my list of places to try that I didn't get to. We considered staying here for the weekend while we were in town, but it was a bit more pricey. But the brownie was good, and the back yard area was lovely!

-Greenbrier County Visitors Center, 200 W. Washington St.: Chocolate pretzel drops, chocolate frozen yogurt, DeFluri’s truffles

-Greenbrier Episcopal School, 3100 Houfnaggle Road: Mobile tastings

-Greenbrier Real Estate, 118 E. Washington St.: Milk Chocolate Houses

-Greenbrier Valley Banking Co., 110 S. Jefferson St.: I ♥ Chocolate triple chocolate heart confection This is one place that was involved in the actual beginning of the chocolate festival, so you can imagine she goes big pretty much every year. This was a white chocolate heart base with a milk chocolate ganache and dark chocolate shavings. It was tasty - but also beautiful.

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival
Greenbrier Valley Banking Co.: I ♥ Chocolate triple chocolate heart confection
-Harmony Ridge Gallery, 209 W. Washington St.: Classic dark chocolate pot de crème with yuzu citrus cream and triple chocolate verrine

-Irish Pub, 109 E. Washington St.: Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout

-The Livery, 217 E. Washington St.: Chocolate molten lava cake with crème fraîche

-Hill and Holler, 118 W. Washington St.: Teal white chocolate fudge and chocolate-covered pretzels

-Osage Pecan Co. of Lewisburg, 204 W. Washington St.: Chocolate- and dark chocolate-covered pecans, chocolate turtles, chocolate amaretto pecans and more

-Plants Etc., 102 S. Jefferson St.: Double dark chocolate ice cream by The Homestead Creamery
-ReMax, 111 E. Washington St.: Chocolate dipping fountain with dipping treats

-The Retreat on White Rock Mountain, 118 E. Washington St.: Instant karma cupcakes

-Robert’s Antiques, 120 E. Washington St.: Mosato d’Asti in chocolate cups Robert's Antiques is unlike any other antique store I've visited. They have ACTUAL antiques - not just old things of questionable value. Vintage rugs, beautiful furnishings and an actual guillotine. And the wine was at the very back, so we were able to gaze on as we waited. It was tasty. A little messy with a quickly melting cup, but just means it's quicker to drink!

-Serenity Now Outfitters, 207 W. Washington St.: Sticky-finger apple slices

-Shoney’s, U.S. Route 219 at Coleman Drive: Shoney’s signature hot fudge cake

-Show Your Colors, 101 Court St.: Chocolate-covered strawberries

-The Spring, 204 N. Jefferson St.: Brigadeiro (Brazilian chocolate truffle)

-Stella’s, 111 S. Lafayette St.: Flourless chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream and raspberry coulis I was pretty excited about this one, but there was just something about the cake that didn't totally sell me. It was OK, don't get me wrong. But not great.

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival
 Stella's: Flourless chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream and raspberry coulis
-Sunflower Soul, 203 E. Washington St.: Chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie This was, well, a little off. You could kind of tell it was supposed to be a bit healthier, but in an odd way. It was OK.

-The Washington Street Gallery, 123 W. Washington St.: Bad Ass beer brittle XX-hot and OO-not so hot I don't recall these being homemade, but they were fine, nonetheless.

-The Wild Bean, 119 E. Washington St.: Espresso brownies

-Wolf Creek Gallery, 112 W. Washington St.: Variety of Belgian chocolate pralines Another place I couldn't wait to check out in Lewisburg. It's a cool little shop, with some higher-end merchandise. The chocolates weren't homemade, but they were fine.

-Yarid’s, 202 W. Washington St.: Holl’s chocolate shoes

That's about it. I wish I could've tried all of the places, but I'm pretty sure my stomach would have not been to pleased with that decision. There's always next year. =]

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