Lewisburg Edition: Food & Friends

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

UntitledUntitledFood & Friends delivered one of my favorite desserts at the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival - and one of my favorite meals during my weekend stay. Located along Washington Street, despite being a busy area, the restaurant had ample (free!) parking along the street - boy, what a draw that is. The outside was sweet looking, with some shrubbery and a wooden sign.

Inside, we were quickly ushered to a large table upon our reservation, and we scanned the mouth-watering menu.


First served was a small, fresh-baked loaf in a terracotta pot - fluffy. Butter. Tasty.

We ordered the harbor crab dip, which is a mixture of blue crab, cream cheese, and spices served with garlic bruschetta. Brittany already knew she loved this; I didn't have any idea how much I'd love it. It was light, but indulgent. Creamy and tangy.

UntitledSoup came with my entree, so french onion it was. To be honest, I've had better french onion. This one fell a little flat for me. Heavy - the cheese had already hardened in the soup instead of lightly flowing through. Just OK.

My main entree was the Napoleon - wild-caught shrimp, fresh scallops, choice of pasta (I chose penne) and alfredo or scampi sauce (I chose alfredo).

UntitledThis was actually better than I even thought it would be. Alfredo is sometimes hit or miss with me, but this was delicious. A few large chunks of seafood (I can always go for more), but a super creamy and decadent sauce with some fresh parmesan on top of the noodles. A few slices of garlic bread topped it off. Carbs on carbs on carbs makes for a happy Candace.

Check them out on Food Network, too.

Grade: A
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