Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lewisburg Edition: The Irish Pub on Washington Street

UntitledUntitledThe Irish Pub was voted as one of the best southern bars by Southern Living. Pretty cool, right? I definitely wanted to fit in a visit - even if only briefly. We went in for a quick snack so I could get a little of the experience.

Well, it seems they were having some sort of quasi-private event. There weren't any signs or anything, but there were some balloons on the floor over near the bar area and, for some reason, Disney songs were blaring. We kept our distance and sat near the front to not interrupt whatever gathering was going on.


A waitress came over to us and gave us a menu. She was sweet, so I figured we were OK. Since we were just in for a snack, I ordered the "Big Soft Pretzel," kind of excited for something a little different. It said it was an Israeli recipe - a delicious, sesame seed sprinkled snack.

UntitledThis was so bad. It tasted like it had been made and microwave - super chewy and gummy and hard on the outside. Mustard was just some packets. I was so disappointed. It wasn't this light and airy inside - I didn't even finish it. It had no flavor and the texture was not pleasant.

Ugh. I decide to go for a scoop of ice cream to help out. Clearly not homemade, but it was kind of OK. A vanilla bean scoop of ice cream, but it tasted freezer burnt. Maybe the items they source from other restaurants would've been a better way to go.

Grade: D
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