Lewisburg Edition: The Livery Tavern

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

The LiveryThe LiveryI'm glad I didn't walk out of Livery Tavern as soon as I entered. Because I sure wanted to.

We had a reservation for The Livery, but we were running late, and the service on my phone was questionable. When we showed up, we noted we were late for our reservation and apologized. The person who greeted us didn't seem pleased we were late and was trying to figure out what to do with us. Then another person came over to help and mentioned we were late, again, and then just said to act like we didn't have a reservation because it was easier for them to seat us. I sighed, we apologized again, and then for a THIRD time, we were chastised for being late by another worker. I was beyond furious at this point. And embarrassed. We were late, we apologized, the place wasn't busy anyway, it was just for two people, so why bring it up three separate times? Just seat me and let me spend my money in your restaurant.

The Livery
The LiveryInside, it is quite nice. White linen tablecloths, dim lighting, dark woods.

Once we were finally seated, our own server came out and was quite pleasant, thankfully. He diffused the situation. I ordered a glass of wine - something white and sweet and delicious - and perused the menu.

We decided to go with wine, appetizers and desserts. My favorite three courses.

To start with, we ordered the cheese board. It said local cheeses and seasonal fruit.

It was amazing. Six different kinds of cheeses - bleu cheese, goat cheese, gouda cheese, herb cheeses - just a perfect combination of creamy textures with more pungent bites and creative ones.

Plus crostini that was a perfect vehicle for the main star - yet flavorful itself. Plus some finely sliced fruit - apples, strawberries, blackberries. Then there were sundried tomatoes. Everything was just so good.

The Livery

And the dessert. One of the best I've ever had. Just a great combination of fluffy cake with meringue and whipped cream and fresh berries. I was stuffed but couldn't stop eating this. It was great.

The LiveryWhile the service was questionable, the food was outstanding. If Food & Friends had my favorite entree in Lewisburg, my favorite wine, appetizer and dessert definitely goes to the Livery Tavern.

By all means, if you go, make a reservation and don't dare be late. 

Grade: A
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