Richwood Edition: Mumsey's Iron Skillet

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Mumsey's Iron SkilletMumsey's Iron SkilletAfton and I headed to Richwood to experience the Feast of the Ramson in the ramps capital of the country: Richwood, W.Va. That will be a separate post, but while in town, we figured we'd check out a local restaurant. Local Twitter troll @ASourAppleTree recommended Mumsey's Iron Skillet.

Mumsey's Iron SkilletIt's a cute restaurant with lots of cast-iron skillets and tools on the walls. Bright red walls and chairs. And a dessert case to die for.

I was told their burger was the way to go, so I ordered their cheeseburger for $4.59. No fries or sides because my eye was already on dessert.

Mumsey's Iron SkilletMumsey's Iron Skillet

This was, by all accounts, a pretty good burger. It was pretty big, a little loppy - which says homemade to me - and juicy. A pretty solid burger all around - and a sesame seed bun! Who doesn't love that?

Mumsey's Iron Skillet

Dessert, though.

I got a pineapple piece of cake. I don't really know why. It just looked so.. huge. And delicious. It was. Moist and a ton of sugary icing. Layers of cake were lined with pineapple bits and cream. Delish.

Mumsey's Iron Skillet

Grade: A
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