Morgantown Edition: Barside Grill

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

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Barside Grill has been on my radar for quite some time, but I have had difficulty convincing my coworkers to go after the great Honky Tonk Disaster of 2014. The restaurant has recently started advertising on the radio for their food. And I saw them in the Morgantown Menu Guide. I was worried it was mainly a bar and gambling joint, but when I heard and saw their advertisements, I knew they at least had a little variety of food.

Barside GrilleBarside Grille

It's located in Westover in the small plaza, which housed a pizza place and bar. I parked out front and walked up to the second story where the flashing "open" sign hung. Once we were inside, I realized we should have parked around the back, which is actually level with the second story. I'm just not sure how you get up there. But there's a door from that side, too.

The inside is very dark and musty. It could use a deep-cleaning, but it wasn't on-the-surface dirty.

Barside GrilleWe ordered their garlic parmesan fries, which were actually tasty. Crisp and right out of the fryer. Probs not homemade but still like the flavor. Not a fan that they didn't serve Heinz ketchup. though.

Their signature sauce is "bottom of the bucket." I tasted it but wasn't a huge fan. Instead, I ordered boneless honey BBQ. Little nuggets of chicken covered in a too-sweet sauce. They are really pushing their wings, so I thought it would be better. But the honey BBQ was just OK. If it was a store-bought sauce, it wasn't even a very good one. I didn't finish them. They weren't awful, but they weren't great. I kept to the fries -- much better.

Barside Grille

Grade: C
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