Morgantown Edition: The Angry Beaver

By Candace Nelson - 4:16 PM

Angry Beaver CollageBar food is a class all its own. It's fried, it's simple, and it's tasty - especially after a few beers.

My friend Sher mentioned The Angry Beaver a while back because he knows the owner. It is located in Westover, in the same lot as the Barside Grill. This used to be Weezies, I believe, and the spinoff pizza place Michael's Pizzeria. If you are familiar with the bar Weezies, you will understand why this place is named The Angry Beaver. Yes, it's what you're thinking.

Anyway, we went early enough for a quick dinner. I'll try just about anywhere once - you never know! They have the kind of typical fried appetizers - fries, cheese sticks - and sandwiches - Italian, Philly and cheese. Nothing too crazy.

Angry BeaverI ordered the buffalo chicken ranch, which comes with onion, bacon and pepper jack cheese. Just one woman was working, but she was nice and attentive. Before long, our plates came out.

My sandwich had these ginormous chunks of onion, so I ditched about half of them. But after that, it was actually pretty good. Bar food, yes, but it hits that buffalo chicken/ranch craving I've been having. Overall, average.

Grade: C
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