Lewisburg Edition: The Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

The bakery
Let me set the scene for you:

You wake up from a deep slumber at the General Lewis Inn. The lifted queen bed was a perfect firm - but not too firm - that had just a bit of give to facilitate level 10 coziness. Birds are chirping, and the morning sun is quickly rising, filling your room with light. After a quick shower and selection of today's outfit, you grab your room key (attached to a metal room number) and race down the stairs.

The bakeryYou begin the descent down the hill into downtown Lewisburg past antique shops, lunch spots that will open later in the day and local businesses. Small shops are just opening, erecting flags outside the front door. You turn the corner to see The Bakery already booming with a crowd. Customers are shuffling in and out of the door, wafting smells of fresh-baked bread with them.

The bakeryYou're excited to finally get to The Bakery, because when you're in Lewisburg, it's usually in the evenings. This time, though, you finally get to try the tasty bagels and pastries you've heard people rave about.

The bakeryOnce you finally get to the counter, you quickly look over the offerings. There's biscotti. There are some cookies and other sweets. You inquire about what bagels they have today; stopping at the spinach and parmesan bagels, which are warm out of the oven. "Do you want that with cream cheese?" the lady behind the counter inquires. "Absolutely," you respond.

Clutching the warm, wrapped treat in your hand, you climb the hill back up to the General Lewis and claim a rocking chair on the front porch. You peel back the layers of white paper to reveal this golden nugget of a breakfast.
The bakeryThe bagel - It's airy. It's light. It's crumbly and flavorful. It's not dense or hard, like most other bagels. It's more of a biscuit, maybe. The ever so slightly sweet flavor of spinach with a creamy cheese and golden browned bagel was delicious. Truly, delicious.

Grade: A
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