Hill & Hollow's Mini Pawpawpalooza

By Candace Nelson - 11:50 AM

Chef Ohlinger, the chef/owner of Hill & Hollow, hosted his "Pawpawpalooza" dinner as part of his Appalachian Global Dinner Series recently. 

Paw Paw DinnerThe goal of the Appalachian Global Dinner Series is to highlight the role of Appalachian cuisine in global culture, and to bring West Virginia recognition as a culinary destination, as per the website. Chef Ohlinger would combine dishes he's learned through his travels with an Appalachian twist during the inventive dinners at Richwood Grill and now hosts them at his new location in the Seneca Center.

Paw Paw Dinner
"So, after several false starts, we will finally be getting the Pawpaw Dinner on the menu this Saturday. Because it was a terrible year for pawpaws and we just werent able to obtain enough of them to do the Pawpawpalooza we had planned on, we are simply offering a Pawpaw Puu-Puu Platter with several small bites to sample Appalachia's oddest fruit. We had intended to start tomorrow, but we are booked nearly full due to WVU Graduation parties, so we will start it on Saturday, and it will be available through next week until it runs out. Among the dishes are Pawpaw Ice Cream, a grilled Goat Chop with Pawpaw Jerk, poached Brook Trout with Pawpaw Cream, and Pawpaw Cheesecake. The full menu will be released tomorrow, because we're making this up as we go, as usual........." (Facebook)
So the "Pawpawpalooza" was reduced to a "Pawpaw Pupu Platter" due to the lack of availability. Tough year for pawpaws! BUT, I was just as excited to get my hands on the Pupu Platter.

Paw Paw DinnerConfit Duck Wing with Pawpaw Agave Yellow Curry
Not a ton of meat here, but that flavor was delicious.

Grilled Goat Chops with Pawpaw Jerk
This was a bit tougher piece of meat, but it may have been my favorite! The jerk flavor went throughout the entire chop, and I couldn't get enough.

Ricotta-Pawpaw Crepe
I love how this made an appearance because it's so different. That ricotta-pawpaw mixture inside wasn't too sweet but definitely tasty.

Poached Brook Trout with Pawpaw Beurre Blanc
Very good! This trout just melted in my mouth.

Mandazi-style Pawpaw Fritters
A little bit of something fried is perfect for the texture. A very faint pawpaw flavor here.

Pawpaw-Red Banana Cheesecake
Definitely the richest part of the meal, and it was very dense. That didn't stop me from devouring it. 

Pawpaw Ice Cream
I didn't taste the pawpaw necessarily, but it was a very creamy and delicious ice cream. 

Paw Paw Dinner
Did anyone else get a chance to go? Or which dinners are you looking forward to next year?

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