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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

We've crossed BBQ, ramen, and burgers off the list so far in Austin. Another key cuisine in a new city for me has to be sushi.

UchiAnd, Uchi is one of the best. According to Eater, Conde Nast Traveler picked out 207 of the world's very best restaurants. The lone Austin representative is Uchi, which writer Peter Jon Lindberg called "one of the great Japanese restaurants in the country."

Combining local seasonal ingredients with an infinite spectrum of seafood from around the globe is the basis for Uchi's culinary philosophy. We invite our diners to explore their gastronomic boundaries by pairing traditional Japanese offerings with new and refreshing flavors and textures. 
At Uchi, we serve the freshest product we can procure every day. We maintain close relationships with local farmers and we fly in seafood every day from both Fukuoka and Tsukiji markets in Japan. The essence of Japanese cuisine is the ingredients; at Uchi we prepare our dishes using innovative food combinations for the most unique dining experience in Austin. 
Uchi maintains the following policy about the fish that we procure: That we will use seafood products that are sustainable and responsibly fished when possible. That we will work with our suppliers on sourcing fish products that are traceable and to obtain that information whenever possible. Our goal at Uchi is to maintain the quality, creativity and freshness of the food we serve while striving to maintain a responsible policy towards sustainability, not just with our fish, but with the entire menu.

We happened to be there during a happy hour, so I tried a little bit of a few things.

UchiThe "machi cure" is smoked yellowtail, marcona almond, yucca crisp. Quite the presentation - but also quite tasty.

UchiFor sushi, I got some salmon sashimi and tuna maki. Both were delicious - fresh, paired with interesting ingredients. Just good.

UchiWhat's unique about this place is that they put a little bit of a spin on some of the traditional rolls. That makes for a different experience. I enjoy seeing the chef's creativity merged with the traditional cuisine.

UchiEverything here was fresh and light, which I wasn't sure what to expect in Texas. Of course, it's a big city and they have access to great fish - it's just not directly on the ocean. Not that that's necessarily a problem these days, but it was nice to see such a nice representation of this cuisine here.

UchiDefinitely try to hit this place up during happy hour because we got so many of the dishes for far cheaper than regular dinner prices.

UchiDo you have any favorites here?


Grade: A
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