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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

There is no shortage of good Italian food in North Central West Virginia. We are blessed with some of the best red sauce this state has to offer.

RaymonsSo, I'm always down to try any Italian restaurant in the area. Raymon's Catering & Restaurant is known for its Wednesday specials - all you can eat pasta!


Raymon's Restaurant in Harrison County is about the family, Its a family-run business and the most popular dishes come from family recipes. Since 1980, Raymon's has offered catering parties for wedding, anniversary, Christmas parties, class reunions, and other events. Raymon's also sell our popular Italian Dressing. After 35 years we are still going strong. Please stop by and see us.

Parking can be a bit precarious, but we found a spot. The interior was open with some old-school artificial flowers and blue tablecloths. We waited a few minutes before being seated.

RaymonsThe all-you-can-eat menu on Wednesdays consists of spaghetti, rigatoni, manicotti and lasagna - or Bit of Italy, which is a sampling of each. And, when you order this, you first get bread and salad.

RaymonsTheir Italian dressing is a crowd-favorite, and it certainly is generously served with the iceberg lettuce salad.


For my first entree, I got the Bit of Italy because little bits of everything are always better. I think my favorite of the bunch was the manicotti. Anytime I can get a bunch of ricotta in my mouth, I'm happy. The sauce is a bit sweet, but good overall.

RaymonsAnd, I had to get a second plate just because it was all you can eat. And, I absolutely stuffed myself. On the second plates, you apparently don't get the topping of cheese or the side of meatball. And, you can switch it up, too. You can get the Bit of Italy for the first round and then just pick the one you liked best for the second round.

RaymonsThe meal also comes with dessert. It was a chocolate sheet cake with a peanut butter icing. Not bad.

Overall, if you're hungry and need a decent Italian fix, this is a solid choice for a Wednesday evening. It's pretty cheap, you can get your fill, and it's tasty. Plus, it's a tradition in the area.

Grade: B
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