Fayetteville Edition: Kool Beanz

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Koop BeanzMy friend Lisa and I traveled to the Fayetteville area to do some whitewater rafting (first time ever!) with Adventures on the Gorge, which was so super fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I wish I had more photos to show it off - but, you know, phones aren't super waterproof.

Koop BeanzBut, since we had to leave so early in the morning to make our trip, we stopped to get some coffee once we got close. Kool Beanz is a newer coffee shop in town, so we decided to check it out.

Koop BeanzIt's located in a building with a few other businesses, so we followed the "coffee" signs until we made it to the shop.

Koop Beanz

Kool Beanz is a hot new concept when it comes to providing options that are fun, healthy and unique. We combine favorite menu items such as teas and coffees to give organic flavoring as well as homemade syrups. This gets rid of the processed additives that are terrible on your body and leave a bad taste. We want to make sure you get flavor that is naturally delicious. In addition to beverages we also serve healthy lunches. Our variety of options make sure that you get the taste you want without the bad stuff. We also have a drive thru for those that are on the go. The coffee served in our shop is ground fresh for a taste that is never stale. We never want our customers to be served coffee that is poor in flavor. This is why we make sure each glass is roasted to perfection and heated to the right temperature. Coffee is the perfect way to jump start each day. For those long days at work or studying for school get the boost of caffeine that you need to power through. Add your favorite syrups and flavor for a flair that is perfect for you. For those that do not prefer coffee we also offer a wide variety of specialty teas. These range in flavor to provide different boosts. We have special blends made just by us for an exclusive taste that is like no other. Our teas are tasty and fragrant for our customers. For an extra added boost to get you going try out our espresso drinks. These are high in quality and caffeine to really get you pumped up. Enjoy our beverages and food today then discover the difference.
Koop BeanzThey space is actually quite large - complete with high-top tables, couches and a sleek vibe. The ordering space is small and simple - menus display syrups, coffee and teas.

Koop Beanz

Kool Beanz is a healthy food concept based in Fayetteville, WV. We are relatively new to the area but hope to provide customers their coffee, tea and smoothie fix.The items that we have in our store are homemade and organic. This means that no extra preservatives or additives are used. It maintains a fresh quality that tastes amazing. We have homemade frappe and flavored syrups that can create a custom drink you will love. See the many items we have to offer and taste the difference. Our staff is dedicated to providing customers the items they enjoy in a healthy way. Together we can cut out all of the things that are tough on your body. Wind down after a long day with our teas. Curl up with a great book and a custom blend that makes you feel peaceful. If you have a long night ahead of you then get a boost with our espresso. This is perfect for busy students or those that are always on the go. 
Koop BeanzSo, I ordered an Americano with a shot of salted caramel. An Americano is espresso and water - so the salted caramel gives it a little somethin' extra.

Koop BeanzAfter a couple minutes, my fresh cup of coffee was ready. It was a great, strong cup of coffee with a hint of sweetness. Very good.

Koop BeanzThey do also have some food - like these crepes! We didn't get to try them this time, but maybe next.

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