Huntington Edition: Paul Vega Cupcakes

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Paul Vega CupcakesWhile killing some time in Huntington, I stumbled upon Paul Vega Cupcakes.

Paul Vega CupcakesThis shop is really cute - from the black and white awning and lights outside, to the softly lit, sweet interior.

Paul Vega CupcakesThe case is full of all sorts of tasty looking cupcakes. There are tons of different flavors, depending what day you're there.

Paul Vega Cupcakes
It all began baking as a child under the guidance of my wonderful mother. With four older brothers, I always had plenty of volunteers to test my creations. It was a great way of getting positive attention from them! 
As a registered nurse for 19 years, I finally traded in my syringe for a piping bag to fulfill my love and passion of putting smiles on peoples' faces! There is no other joy i like better than to see my customers approach the cupcake bakery case, and see their eyes light up with a smile on their face! Everyone loves cupcakes including me! 
At Paula Vega Cakes, we do not skimp on the ingredients such as creamy butter, rich chocolate, real vanilla beans, heavy whipping cream, pure cane sugar, whole eggs, fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and nuts. These are my staples! Everything is made by hand, by me and my trained bakers, using my recipes I have tested and tried to perfect over the years. Each of my cupcakes and cakes to order have their own special trademark of fruit, cream or fudge filling. My goal, at Paula Vega Cakes, is to provide you with luscious indulgences that lift your spirits and makes you smile! I invite you to come by and try one of our cupcakes (ABOUT).

Paul Vega Cupcakes

When I asked which flavors are most popular, I was told the Fresh Strawberry was the winner. I'll take one then!

Paul Vega CupcakesAnd, I also asked for a cappuccino with a shot of caramel.

Paul Vega CupcakesThere's just not a much better combination than a coffee and a pastry or sweet treat.

Paul Vega CupcakesThe strawberry cupcake has real strawberries in it, and the frosting was also strawberry flavored - strawberry on strawberry! It's a good cupcake.

Paul Vega CupcakesThat, paired with the coffee made for a perfect stop. What's your favorite cupcake to get here?

Paul Vega Cupcakes

Grade: A
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