Parkersburg Edition: Davis Drive In

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Davis Drive InY'all know I love a good drive in restaurant, so imagine my surprise when there was one in Parkersburg I had no idea about.

Davis Drive In is a small building, housing just the cooks cranking out tasty treats. A few seats are located outside under a covered porch, and a large parking area extends beyond the building.

Davis Drive In
Drive-ins are so cool because they harken back to an era that just helps define "Americana." They were popular when dining out wasn't, and I feel like a large part of their existence is reliant upon the experience - enjoying a meal with your family or friends in your car, listening to your favorite songs.

Davis Drive In has standard drive-in fare: hotdogs, hamburgers (and a pizza burger!), BBQ pork, fries, and some other fried sides - like green beans and cauliflower. There are also a number of sweet treats: milkshakes, Coke floats, banana splits and sundaes.

Davis Drive InThe almighty hotdog is a good way to take the temperature of a drive-in. It's likely one of their top sellers, so it's a good judge. I pulled into the parking lot, backing in so I could see the menu from my car, and before I knew it, a young gentleman was at my car window ready to take my order. I got a dog with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. I handed over cash.

Davis Drive InAfter just a few moments, a young girl delivered to my car a hotdog in a sleeve, my bottle of water and change from my order. The hotdog became nicely steamed in that sleeve, and everything just kind of blended together in this soft, savory snack. The bun soft, the hot dog was boiled, the slaw was mild but had a hint of sweetness, and the chili added some richness. This was a pretty good dog. Plus, it's a cool experience for something a little different in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Grade: A
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