Parkersburg Edition: Snow Biz

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Snow Biz
What is better in summer time than a cool treat? That's right, nothing.

Snow BizSo, after snacking my way through Parkersburg, I made a stop at Snow Biz for dessert. There are a few locations for Snow Biz, but the one in this shopping center claims to be the original.

Snow Biz

"Snow Cone" is a dirty word around here, we don't sell them and never will. We only sell gourmet shave ice. We shave the ice in front of you, from fresh blocks of ice. This creates a smooth fluffy texture, like snow, and then we add our vividly delicious flavors and colors for a tropical taste sensation. The texture of the shave ice holds the flavor from the first delightful bite to the last. No sucking flavor from the bottom of a paper cone here. Our syrup is freshly made by us. We serve well over 100 natural, non fat, and dairy free flavors and combinations of flavors. We bring a taste of the tropics to you. Once you've tried shave ice a snow cone will be a dirty word to you too. Stop by our retail location or we'll come to you! It's the perfect way to celebrate a party, or event. We can even help you with fundraising for your school, team or charity, at no cost to you. We take care of it all. Contact us for pricing and availability.
Snow BizThis shop has shaved ice, iced coffee, smoothies, slushies, shakes, super sundaes and floats. There are SO many flavor combinations for shaved ice that it is literally overwhelming. So, I asked for their recommendation, and "rainbow" was a popular response. Sold.

Snow BizBut, I didn't just get shaved ice, because that would be boring. I got a "super sundae," which is shaved ice ON TOP OF ICE CREAM. I've never heard of this, so I needed it immediately.

Snow BizThe sizes here are gigantic; I got a small and it was still more than enough. The rainbow consisted of a strawberry, a lemon and a sour blue raspberry, I believe. It was on top of vanilla ice cream swirled with blue syrup.

Snow BizNot only is it beautiful, but it's actually really tasty. I quickly ate the shaved ice, which tasted like eating a rainbow. So, heaven. It was light and fruity. Then, the ice cream comes into play - creamy and rich. If you don't eat this quick enough, I could see it becoming a giant mess. But, very tasty and would definitely try again.

Snow Biz
Grade: A
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