Rivesville Edition: Dairy Sensations

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Dairy SensationSomewhere in Marion County, we took a wrong turn going home. But, it was OK, because it landed us right in front of an ice cream shop.

Dairy SensationDairy Sensations had a bit of a crowd, lots of outdoor seating and the most important thing - ice cream cones that looked like they needed a home.

Dairy SensationDairy Sensation has some food, like pepperoni rolls, hot dogs and chicken strips. But, then they have hurricanes, sundaes, milkshakes and cones.

Dairy SensationWe ordered up at the outdoor counter - but there was some seating inside, as well as lots of seating outside - and waited.

Dairy SensationSomething called "crunchies" were on the menu, so I asked what those were. The folks weren't quite sure how to explain it, so they handed me a spoonful to try. There are bits of sprinkles and little crunchy balls that are peanut butter flavored. I thought hell with it, let's get a chocolate/vanilla swirled ice cream cone and let's get the crunchies.

Dairy SensationAnd, it was good! There's gotta be a better mechanism for getting the crunchies to stay because they just created a giant mess. They were good - maybe fewer though - but the ice cream was tasty.

Dairy SensationAnd, I especially loved that Brittany's milkshake came in this old-school cup design.

Dairy Sensation
Afterward, we took a trip - while eating ice cream - to check out the castle on Tyrone Road. Cool.

Grade: B
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